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Wir haben entwickelt, damit Sie Ihre Online-Identität einfach überwachen können. Namecheck führt systematisch viele unterschiedliche Namenssuchen zusammen und erspart Ihnen jede Menge unstrukturierte Suchanfragen. So können Sie sich auf den Kern Ihrer Idee konzentrieren. Lesen Sie, was andere über schreiben:

„This free tool is invaluable to personal branding newbies and experts alike. With one click, enter your desired (or current) username into the search box and discover where that name is registered across multiple social media sites.“
fast company (German)

„Wer einen neuen Markennamen platzieren möchte, für den werden auch soziale Netzwerke immer wichtiger. findet daher heraus, ob der Name dort noch verfügbar ist.“


„Domain and username search is super easy when using Join Haley as she shows you how Traffic Geyser uses this awesome tool in the first episode of AppsNTools Thursdays.“


„Before you decide on a brand name, check this simple site for domain name, social media, and trademark availability. The site features much fewer profiles than other username checking services, but it’s far more manageable and easier to read: Green, available. Red, taken.“
Mashable - 7 Services to Find and Reserve Your Name Across the Web

Smashing Magazine

„The tool checks availability of social usernames, domain names and trademarks.“
50 Powerful Time-Savers For Web Designers

„Check The Aviability Of The Domain & Its Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Accounts with“
Check The Aviability Of The Domain & Its Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Accounts with

Killer Startups

„This site will let you take care of all that – it will let you check the availability of different names all over the Social Web and beyond. A single search produces results in four different fields: Top 10 Generic Domains, Top 10 Country Domains, Top 10 Social Networks and Trademarks.“
Checking If Brand Names Are Taken Or Not

App Everyday

„For existing businesses it is a great opportunity to see what other vanity URLs you should be grabbing for your company. The service is free and available without signing up.“
App Everyday - Check For Name Availability in One Place

Eric Gonzalez of Doubloon

„ – Checks domain names and popular social networks for reserved name availability with one click. Nice.“
Eric Gonzalez of Doubloon - One Startup's Toolbox

Key of Grey

„It can search the domain name registry, and also sites like MySpace, Twitter and Facebook. It’s free, and a pretty useful tool when you’re coming up with names.“
Key of Grey - Check your online brand presence with

Feed My App

„Get a free search report to reveal if your brand has been taken as a domain name, social media username, or trademark.“
Feed My App - Check Availability of Social Usernames, Domain Names and Trademarks

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