Introduction to Social Media Usernames

Social Media has revolutionized how people connect online. By enabling the quick and easy sharing of media online, an enormous and interlocking system of social networks and websites has transformed the Internet from a mere tool to a vibrant new digital world.

The same social media platforms connecting people to people can be just as valuable for businesses when it comes to connecting with customers. By creating a social media presence, companies can develop new ways to engage with established customers and reach out to new ones without ever having to set foot outside the office. They can also utilize social media for brand and product tracking, and to help formulate radical new strategies for getting the edge on competition.

Get an Online Presence

Whether or not you intend to maintain a social media presence for your personal use or your business, it makes sense to register your own username and/or URL to keep your online reputation untarnished. And since it’s important to have continuity between your online brand, our Namecheck tool will ensure that you pick the best name possible.

But with so many social networks out there, which should you focus on? Well, that’s a matter of personal preference really. We’ve compiled some resources that we think would be helpful—like some great articles and stats on the sidebar. Additionally, our free Namecheck search will check the availability of your name on ten of the leading social media platforms. It’s a great way to get started!