Introduction to New Domain Extension

In 2014, ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) decided to release hundreds of new domain extensions for registration. This forever changed the way we live and interact online. Since many felt that they missed their chance to grab a short and memorable domain name in the crowded space of the classic and country code domain extensions, the new domain extensions represented an opportunity to stake your territory online.

These new domains also created opportunities like new name configurations and new advertising possibilities for companies. We are continually surprised by the ingenuity displayed by our customers with their great domain names. While many of these new extensions have already been released to the public, there are still many that will be released in the upcoming years.

Through united-domains and our blog you can stay up to date on the latest new domain launches. With United Domains’ New gTLD Pre-Registration Program, you can also reserve every upcoming new domain needed to define yourself on the Internet of tomorrow.

Pre-Registrations for a New Domain

Want to pre-register a new domain, but aren’t sure you’ll want it when registration time comes?

We’ve got you covered. Our pre-registration program is free and non-binding, so you can reserve your domain name now and change your mind later, free of charge. Choose from a variety of short, simple and versatile new domain extensions.

New Domains for Binding Pre-Order

If you are ready to commit to a domain name set to launch soon, we have the thing for you!

Domains available for General Availability in the upcoming weeks have finalized registration price and are available for Binding Pre-order. By pre-ordering one of these domains, you agree to let United Domains attempt to register it on your behalf when it becomes available.

New Domains Available Now

Whether you’re looking to entice customers to .SHOP ’til they drop, make your big city dreams come true with .NYC, or just keep things simple with .SITE registering a domain from the new domain extensions puts you in the front of the line in the new domain landscape.

united-domains has over a hundred new domain extensions available for registration from .GURU, .CLUB, and .ROCKS. to many, many more. Regardless of your type of industry, clientele or your distinctive business, you are bound to find the perfect new domain to fit and expand your brand. Get inspired and explore our expanding selection of new domains available now.